Organic waste in winter: How to prevent frozen garbage cans

If you want to dispose of your organic waste in the cold season when temperatures are below zero, you have to take a few things into consideration. Because if the organic waste bin is frozen solid, there is no way to dispose of the waste. However, with a few simple measures you can prevent the organic waste bin from freezing in winter.

Organic waste on the roadside in winter

Winter damages the organic waste bin

In winter, it is especially important to store organic waste properly and protect the organic waste bin from excessive moisture. After all, who wants to find an organic waste bin that is not completely emptied, frozen and unusable? If organic waste is not stored carefully, moisture will collect in the bin. This will cause organic waste to freeze and the entire contents of the organic waste bin to no longer be able to be emptied. Therefore, never throw warm or steaming kitchen waste into the organic waste bin. Always let it steam off first so that the moisture can escape and does not end up in the bin.

If your garbage can could not be completely emptied, you are not entitled to a free extra emptying or a reduction in fees. Instead, you have to live with a full and unpleasant-smelling garbage can until the next emptying.

How to prevent organic waste from freezing in winter

To prevent your organic waste from freezing in winter, you should follow a few basic rules.

Always keep the organic waste bin closed :

It is important that organic waste is not exposed to the weather. The lid of the organic waste should therefore always be closed and kept as sealed as possible. Snow or rain must not get into the organic waste bin under any circumstances.

Store biological waste properly :

Organic waste should never simply be pushed into the organic waste bin, but should be stored properly. It is advisable to pack your waste in biodegradable paper bags and then put them in the organic waste bin. These provide good insulation and prevent the waste from freezing in the bins.

Looking for weather protection :

To protect organic waste from freezing, it is advisable to store it in a place protected from the weather. Ideally, the organic waste bin should be kept in a garage or shed. It is also a little better protected from cold and moisture if it is placed against the wall of the house.

Insulate the bottom of the organic waste bin :

To avoid freezing to the ground, you should also insulate the bottom of the bin. You can do this either with a layer of wood chips or simply with a few layers of newspaper. Alternatively, you can use one of our liner bags for your organic waste bin. You can line the entire organic waste bin with our biodegradable paper bags in 120l or 240l . This also saves time-consuming cleaning.

Avoid wet biomass :

Wet kitchen waste such as fruit and vegetable peelings can quickly become damp and we want to avoid that. That's why you should first dry them or let them drip dry. Kitchen paper or newspaper is ideal for this as it absorbs the moisture.

Use biodegradable bags :

If you follow all of our tips, you'll be well on your way to getting your organic waste bins through the winter. But for the ultimate protection, we recommend our organic waste bags made of kraft paper . These are stronger than normal paper bags, are water and tear resistant and offer additional protection and distance, which prevents them from freezing!

On our website we offer you the right biodegradable paper bags and organic garbage bags in various sizes. We help you to protect your organic waste from freezing in winter. This gives you the ideal weather protection!


Protecting organic waste from freezing in winter isn't that complicated. With a few simple steps, you can store organic waste properly and prevent it from freezing. Biodegradable paper bags provide the ultimate protection from the cold and protect organic waste from freezing. Visit our store to buy biodegradable paper bags.

frequently asked Questions

How do I prevent organic waste from freezing in the organic waste bin in winter?

To protect your organic waste from freezing, you should pack it in biodegradable paper bags and then put them in the organic waste bin. Paper bags provide an insulating layer to the organic waste bin and significantly reduce the risk of freezing.