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Biomüllbeutel Papier 20l - BioGlü

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Organic waste bags made of wet and tear-resistant special paper

✔ REALLY 100% COMPOSTABLE – Biodegradable paper garbage bags without “BIO-plastic”
✔ FITS PERFECTLY – Our organic waste bags fit perfectly in almost all organic waste bins
surpasses the thin discounter paper bags by far
✔ LOW EMISSIONS – NO print, NO corn starch, NO plastic
✔ Fast shipping!

The environmentally friendly way to dispose of organic waste!

When paper is used in a wet state , wet strength and tear resistance are two of the most important material properties.

Manufacturers of cheap paper organic waste bags use the simplest quality waste paper in their production. This not only leads to a higher proportion of non-paper components and unwanted materials, but also to short paper fibers. This often means that the necessary strength is lacking for moist organic waste.

At BioGlück, we therefore rely on high-quality basic materials for our organic waste bags and use high-quality waste paper in combination with cellulose fibers from forestry. Both types of fiber are combined in a special process to produce organic waste bags with high wet strength and tear resistance .

We have already bought several paper bags for our organic waste, but were never satisfied with them. The paper was all too soft and got soaked very quickly. These bags are really great, especially the base, which is nice and thick and can hold a full bag without any problems. The fit of the bags is ideal for our 10 l bucket. We only buy this bag from now on!

Bläsercop (

The bag stays upright on its own, even without a bucket. For paper tissues. We're not allowed to throw them in the general waste anymore - paper! I first ordered 3, then 50. I can only recommend it.

Norbert I. (

Fits perfectly in our trash can. The handles are perfect for our kids.

Sonja Wekert