About BioGlück

"What a mess!" she screamed as her organic waste scattered across the stairwell.

When I found out about her torn organic waste bag in the stairwell at the beginning of 2020, I realized why she was suddenly collecting plastic bags again.

Nicole is actually very sustainable and environmentally conscious.
She likes to cook fresh and grows many of her ingredients in her own garden.

Nicole in her organic garden
Image by Freepik

This is how the story of BioGlück begins...

Today, Nicole collects her organic waste in paper bags again and carries them around without fear.
The BioGlück bags have one thing in common:

"Don't tear!"

"Okay, that's a lie."

Of course, paper also has its limits. But our organic waste bags are designed to be water- and tear-resistant. They can withstand significantly more than ANYTHING that the discounter puts on the shelf under the label "organic waste bag".

My goal is to help Nicole and you to do without plastic bags.
That's why you buy our BioGlück organic waste bags!

Mark Breyer
Founder of BioGlück