ZDF WISO 15.04.2024: Organic garbage bags under review - green garbage bags

Dear new customers,

Like many of you, we also saw the very interesting television report on organic waste bags (from minute 36:08) . Even though we were not explicitly mentioned in it, we are very pleased about your great interest in our high-quality organic waste bags and organic waste bags made of paper.

From minute 36:08

With our 100% compostable paper garbage bags, we offer you the perfect solution for your organic waste disposal. No plastic, no chemical additives - just paper fibers that easily turn into valuable compost together with your kitchen waste.

Whether 10 or 20 liters - our sturdy organic waste bags are guaranteed to fit in your waste bin. They are of significantly better quality than the thin discounter bags.

Order conveniently from our online shop today and benefit from fast, free shipping within Germany. For a clean and odor-free garbage can, we also recommend our effective organic waste bin powder against maggots and flies .

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us. We hope you enjoy our products and welcome you once again to our growing BioGlück community!