Alternative for Rossmann organic waste bags made of paper

Are you still struggling with tearing paper organic waste bags from Rossmann?

Then you should definitely try our organic waste bags made of wet and tear-resistant special paper!

As an alternative to the RUBIN organic garbage bags 10 l, we recommend our organic garbage bags 10 l with block bottom .

 Particularly wet and tear-resistant made from special paper

 100% compostable & biodegradable paper garbage bags

 Approved according to the waste management regulations of the cities and districts

Kraft paper - A specialist with special properties

Kraft paper is manufactured using a special process. Our paper is made from unbleached long-fiber sulfate pulp, which provides the necessary mechanical wet strength and tear resistance for organic waste. In this special process, the still-moist paper web is compressed by a rotating roller and an elastic band. This gives the paper a high level of elasticity.

Even in hardware stores, kraft paper has a firm place in plaster or concrete bags.